With limited resources and budget and having great new ideas to change the world! This is the rough reality of a startup. Could today’s big Carrier Service Provider borrow a part of this mindset? Could it speed up the innovation process by decreasing its costs drastically? Doing it by fulfilling a complex business environment and huge competition? To complete it time-to-market must be reduced, and new disruptive technology enablers such as 5G must be fully exploited. 5G with its programmable cloud-native core will enable end even to encourage the startup mindset in the CSP service creation.

Our series of six whitepapers released recently is having a deep dive of 5G Voice explaining its technical background and evolution path as 5G network evolves, the importance of VoLTE networks, having insight on enterprise aspects of 5G voice and finally look to the ecosystem for voice services.

To know more about Voice over 5G and the ecosystem way of service creation which integrates traditional services like voice please read our blog here:


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Five things startups do that could help you innovate 5G rapidly, by Zoltan Varnai

Author of the Article - Zoltan Varnai

Zoltan Varnai works in the Nokia Software Core portfolio marketing team. His professional passion is marketing of the core network with a special focus on 5G core cloud-native programming capabilities. Zoltan is based in Budapest, Hungary.