CloudBand Application Manager Ecosystem

About this community

This community page was created to discuss and explore CloudBand Application Manager (CBAM) onboarding topics.

CloudBand Application Manager is an ETSI NFV compliant generic Virtualized Network Function Manager (VNFM). CBAM automates VNF lifecycle management and cloud resource management, and its standards based APIs make it easy to work with any vendor’s VNF, Element Management System (EMS), Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) and NFV Orchestrator (NFVO).

CBAM is open to a broad range of VNF onboarding options: it visualizes the structure and status of applications and performs basic lifecycle management functions, including instantiate, commission, scale and terminate. CBAM also provides a framework for implementing advanced functions such as healing, patching, upgrades, backup and restore.


Onboarding CBAM means bright clouds in your application's future.

24 Jul 2017