Data Monetization in 3 Clicks!


Datapace is a decentralized, blockchain powered data marketplace for secure and automated monetization and exchange of IoT sensors and digital assets data with technical and policy-based data verification and the access to a large worldwide network infrastructure of sensors.

Datapace unique features for monetization and exchange of data between any interested parties are:
· Blockchain technology which provides superb network security, data integrity, smart contract for fast automated transactions and micropayments with a token economy
· Data verification, technical and policy-based through hardware certification program and partnerships
· A global network of sensors and telemetry equipped locations in partnership with NOKIA sensing as a service platform.

Datapace can be used to stream any data from any source, IoT devices, physical assets, autonomous cars, drones, and many more. It enables you to integrate 3rd party data and monetize it through the same marketplace.

Datapace features:
· Smart Contract
Automated, secure and fast transactions with no fees and intermediaries
· Data Security
Superior data security based on blockchain decentralized nodes
· Transaction Traceability
Complete transaction traceability with proven track of records of all executed transactions
· Micropayments
Blockchain enabled microtransaction management with low-fees transactions and secure functioning of the system
· Data verification
Verified data source through a hardware certification program and partnerships ensures data accuracy, validity, and authenticity
· Global Network of Sensors
The global network of sensors and telemetry equipped locations provided by certified and credible partners.

Data is a powerful differentiator and by creating organizationally capable and institutionally credible environment for exchange and sharing the most diverse kind of data, Datapace will help innovations, discoveries, and creations to thrive.