The future of learning is in your pocket


Funzi mobile learning maximizes the impact, reach, and cost-effectiveness of your training and educational programs.

Funzi is an innovative, award-winning mobile learning service from Finland. Funzi was founded in 2014 to harness mobile technologies to give everyone, everywhere access to quality learning. 

Funzi operates on a global scale and delivers learning to users of all connected devices - available directly in the browser at, with no downloads required. The mobile learning service is designed on a strong scientific foundation, human-centered design principles, and latest technologies. Funzi has a proven track record of working towards SDG 4 for inclusive and equitable lifelong learning opportunities for all: Funzi has had nearly 6 million all-time learners, and continuous positive feedback from learners globally has reinforced the ability of Funzi to support them in developing new skills and proactive mindsets.

Funzi is an expert in the delivery of learning. It builds mobile learning courses from the existing base learning content of its partners. These materials are transformed into a user-friendly and engaging mobile service with a fast and proven process and mobile pedagogy - known as “funzification”. Course creation and delivery typically take less than a month, with no technology development needed to give even millions of users access to quality learning. Working with local expert partners enables the adaptation of the content to local contexts and needs. 

With no cost to the learners, Funzi delivers the best learning experience on mobile. Additionally, Funzi’s business model enables the cost-effective scale-up of training, capacity-building, and outreach projects for its partners and clients, which include organizations such as the UN System, NGOs, public sector organizations, and private corporations. Examples of Funzi projects include project management training for UNDP Syria’s local partner organizations, women’s entrepreneurship training in Uganda with International Trade Centre, a micro MBA program for migrants on integrating into working life in Finland, and raising awareness on sustainable decision making with UN Association of Finland. 

Mobile learning has the ability to bridge the gender gap, with 50-50 gender ratios regularly reached with Funzi courses. Funzi supports the lifelong learning journeys of individuals, communities, and societies. Funzi’s theory of change supposes that access to quality learning acts as the necessary toolkit for all individuals to build the life they want. This includes a meaningful livelihood, healthy lifestyle, as well as inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable communities. Social cohesion increases once individuals can take care of their immediate needs economically, thus providing them with more capacity to also engage as active and well-rounded community members and citizens.