Will you disrupt or be disrupted by the Internet of Things? 

The first Internet wave disrupted retail, media and finance. Traditional market leaders declined and new leaders emerged. The second Internet wave is now disrupting how products and operations create value. It will impact every company that builds or operates physical infrastructure, assets and devices. 

IoT ONE provides research and development services to help companies manage the opportunities and threats brought by the Internet of Things.

We are known for:
•    Our intent focus on researching Internet of Things use cases, technologies, business models, and partner ecosystems. 
•    Our engagement with technology and startup ecosystems that gives us access to deep insight and specialized expertise.
•    Our combination of IoT domain expertise with innovation strategy and organizational development experience to drive change and long term impact.

We support companies in three areas:
•    RESEARCH: Discover how the Internet of Things impacts your customers, operations and supply chain.
•    ENABLE: Design and build an organization capable of implementing your digital strategy in Asia.
•    BUILD: Increase your competitiveness in Asian markets by moving quickly from idea to execution.