From Digital Access to a Smart Building

Sensorberg digitizes buildings and turns lifeless concrete bodies into digital spaces that make our lives and work much easier. Through digitalization, it is possible to get even closer to the customer and to represent their needs even more precisely through appropriate offers. Using smartphones, users can enter a building without a card or key, operate elevators, book meeting rooms at short notice or adjust the room temperature to suit their needs. Smart home or office technology by Sensorberg makes this possible - in a very direct way.

Taking access to the building as a starting point, interactive solutions extend to include meeting room reservations and employee/visitor management. Sensorberg takes a clear focus on simplicity, transparency and user experience. The solution is available for both outfitting new building constructions and retrofitting existing infrastructures.

Sensorberg is a Berlin-based technology company founded in 2013. Sensorberg employs about 30 workers and is headquartered in Berlin. Michael von Roeder is the CEO.