SoundEar makes Sound Visible

SoundEar A/S


SoundEar is developing and producing instruments and software solutions for noise measurements, noise surveillance, noise analysis and noise control. The solutions are implemented in many different areas. Noise can be an issue in open offices, in industrial production areas, in hospitals, in schools and institutions, on construction sites, in cities, …. SoundEar has solutions for all these areas and continuously works on solutions for new areas.

SoundEar designs, produces and delivers quality measurement instruments and software for 
- Noise Measurements
- Noise Visualization 
- Noise Surveillance, Monitoring and Documentation
- Noise Analysis and Control

SoundEar’s Vision is to develop and produce user friendly noise measuring instruments and systems, that don’t require special skills and quickly help the users solve their noise problems.

Examples of SoundEar implementations are

Open Offices
Noise is very often an issue in Open Offices and Call Centers causing distraction and disturbing concentration and focus. The Noise Guide makes the noise visible and creates a general awareness of the noise levels, thus making it easier to change habits and improve the work environment. The Noise Guide also logs all measured data and enables the analysis and documentation necessary for decisions about long-term measures to reduce noise in the office.

Industrial Production
The measurement instruments are placed on walls or pillars and show you exactly when you need to use hearing protection. All measurement data are logged and can be transferred to a central PC via WIFI or LAN. Reports can be generated and sent automatically per email. The solutions are used as an immediate occupational-safety measure as well as a tool for analysis and documentation serving as a basis for long-term improvements of the work environment.