Promise. Assured.



You made a promise to your customers. We’re here to assure that you fulfill it.

Spirent is a leading provider in testing, service assurance, analytics, and security solutions to assure the capabilities and performance of networks, network equipment, devices, and services.

Spirent provides expert guidance and methodologies to help our customers find clarity in the face of complexity, overcome the challenges of a fast-approaching future, and ultimately deliver on their promise to their own customers.

Spirent focuses on the following key areas:

  • Service Assurance & Analytics
  • Cloud Infrastructure Validation
  • High Speed Network Testing
  • Cybersecurity & Compliance
  • Positioning, Navigation & Timing,
  • Wireless Network & Device Performance

Spirent’s technology solutions address the following:

  • High Speed Ethernet
  • Positioning Simulation & Resilience
  • Mobile Network Infrastructure
  • 5G & IoT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Service Assurance
  • Network Virtualization
  • Automotive & Connected Vehicles
  • Wireless Device Services
  • Radio Technologies
  • Public Safety Communications

Key product/solution ranges include:

  • Spirent TestCenter – for High Speed Ethernet testing and Cloud infrastructure validation
  • Vertex – for RF Channel emulation
  • Elevate – for Radio Network emulation
  • 8100 – for Mobile Device testing
  • Landslide – for Core Network and IMS test and emulation
  • CyberFlood – for Security and Performance testing
  • VisionWorks – for Automated Service Assurance (transport & mobile services + customer experience)
  • Umetrix – for Service Experience evaluation (Voice, Video, Data)
  • GSSxx range – for Positioning, Navigation and Timing simulation and testing
  • Velocity – for automation and Lab as a Service (LaaS)
  • iTest – for test authoring, execution and Test as a Service (TaaS).