Enterprise communications unleashed

Tango Networks


Tango Networks empowers enterprises to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of their mobile workforces with the world’s first mobile communications directly controlled by enterprises.

Tango Networks’ Kinetic Communications services seamlessly integrate “mobile native” voice, text and data communications with enterprise telephony and applications. For the first time, enterprise customers can control mobile communications in the same way they control their networking, Internet, computing, landlines, business applications and other IT assets.

Covered by more than 65 granted patents, Kinetic Communications solutions include:
•    Corporate controlled Mobile Unified Communications on any mobile phone.
•    Compliant mobile communications with capturing, recording and retention using existing compliance systems.
•    Seamless integration of mobile communications with enterprise applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and work force optimization (WFO).
•    Enterprise text messaging enabling employees to use business numbers for messaging with customers, partners and others.
•    Real-time policy enforcement such as preventing mobile usage by company drivers to prevent distracted driving.

As a result, employees are more productive, working whenever, wherever and however they need to, while enterprise IT exercises unique control over mobile communications it never had before.