Safety and Health Intelligence


Every year in the EU, 3739 workers die due to work-related accidents or illnesses and 3.2 million suffer from non-fatal injuries or illnesses at work. The reason is that companies and workers are unaware of safety and health risks until it is too late and cannot identity the root risk factors on time.
WearHealth’s product, “Safety and Health Intelligence”, helps solve this by analyzing physiological and contextual data from off- the shelf IoT devices and providing actionable objective insights that help workers and managers understand safety and health risks in real-time. 

By doing so, companies can better manage the risks their workforce and, thus, prevent human, financial, reputational and productivity losses due to safety and health risks while engaging workers and improving operational efficiency.

The technology of our platform is based on machine learning methodologies developed during more than 10 years of research at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Bremen, Germany, and its modules have already been validated by leading industrial companies in Germany, France and Spain.