take a byte of digitalization

BotCraft GmbH

The Company

BotCraft develops smart digital solutions tailored to your business.

Helping small and medium sized companies with their digital transformation journey is our mission. We develop software and tools, that fit the individual requirements of each customer.
According projects are realized agile and lean in order to allow customers to adapt their requirements flexibly. Digital solutions will not just render office processes more efficient and reduce cost in your manufacturing processes. Smart products and smart services will allow for a whole new set of business cases. 

We offer consultancy and help planning as well as developing concepts for automation and digitization of your value-chain. To us production-, testing- or logistic-processes will become more flexible, transparent and cost-efficient with the right digital strategy.

The Concept
BotCraft provides a flexible and individualized project strategy.
Requirements may be evaluated and adjusted at any time in order to keep maximum control and remain flexible with respect to the projects’ content and output. This way, requirements will develop along with your company and needs. Customers and partners will thus be able to achieve an excellent result with minimum risk and minimum investment.

The Core
We are a young, dynamic and motivated team of developers who are specialized in digital solutions and automation. We apply our experience with hard- and software development to support companies with their digital transformation. Our smart digital and data driven services based on data science, machine learning and smart sensors will support your quality assurance, efficient manufacturing or logistics. 

If you are looking for partners for an innovative or disruptive project, we are happy to provide our know-how for prototyping and the development of your idea.