The Open Source Platform for our Smart Digital Future

In the current technological and business context of big data, cloud and the Internet of Things, FIWARE is an open software platform that allows companies and developers to easily build and manage innovative apps and services by making complex processes simple, cost-effective, high-quality and secure thanks to provides a powerful set of APIs that eases the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors. 

Founded by Atos, Engineering, Orange, and Telefónica, FIWARE encourages the adoption of a transparent, common, collaborative data sharing framework that will assist the IoT to reach its full potential in developing smart applications. By striving to eliminate the existing technical and commercial obstacles hindering the monetization of IoT technology, the foundation is tapping into the spectrum of smart digital solution providers that will drive the market to scale up. The organization is also in charge of driving the sustainable growth of FIWARE technologies and programmes, which spans over accelerators, innovation hubs and hundreds of developers that are contributing to the FIWARE’s components.