VR & AR for Industry 4.0



Jungle VR is the French leading company on immersive technologies. We develop trainings in Virtual Reality for Fortune 500 companies and training organizations. (Industry, Health & Safety, QSE / HSE).

Pedagogy in key for us : learning, scoring, evaluation. 

Beside bespoke developments for industrial companies, we offer a catalog of various trainings available on our VR learning platform (Fire Safety, Electric risks, Logistic, Construction risks ...)

More globally, our company has the ambition to serve the industry 4.0 with the help of immersive technologies.

Beyond training in VR & AR, Jungle VR offers two softwares for digital twins reviews, Production Tools and Maintenance.

Immersive technologies also allow companies to showcase their open positions.

Our expertise includes : Insurance, Automobile, Bank, Construction, Defense, Energy, Pharma, Retail, Security, Telecom, Transportation.