The Fastest 5G SoC for latency sensitive applications



Pioneering the Next Generation Mobile Technology

1 - Background

RunEL, funded in March 2015, is carving its way to be a technology leader in the 5G mobile wireless revolution. The company vision is: “to improve life experience by connecting people and things using superior technology” and its mission is to: “Introduce the revolutionary Sparq-2020 chipset for 5G infrastructure that will become a significant player in Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC)”

2 - The RunEL team

RunEL, leaded by its reputable founder and CEO, Dr. Zion Hadad, consist of a team of Mobile Communication experts that invented and pioneered the OFDMA technology back in the 2000-2006 timeframe and introduced it to the standards in order to became  the physical layer basis of the 4th Generation LTE and WiMAX Cellular Networks of today.
Now this team is gathered together again reinforced by young and talented researchers in order maintain its technological leadership in the OFDMA field and to lead the way towards the 5th Generation revolution

3 - The RunEL Disruptive Technology

RunEL, as the Center of Excellence for the OFDMA technology, introduced some substantial innovation to the evolving 5G PHY and MAC layers architecture, including the Sparq Minislots and the I-MEC, that reduces the latency in wireless  broadband cellular communication to unprecedented records in order to  enable applications such as: V2X, Remote Surgery, On line Gaming, Automated Factory, etc. 

4 - The Potential Market

RunEL will offer its Sparq-2020 family of products to 5G Equipment Vendors and OEMs as well as to URLLC Vertical Market System integrators and FPGA vendors.

5 - Collaboration

RunEL is an active member in three 5G consortiums, Heron (funded by the Government of Israel) and IoRL and 5 Genesis (funded by the European Union) in which the company is collaborating with numerous companies and research institutes in the development and promotion of 5G generic technologies.